The Naked Gut (book)

“The Naked Gut” book – A true story of a natural healing

“I have saved over 200.000 € by being healthy. It is the best deal of my life!”

October 12th, 2018
This is a true survival story of how I had to make a choice to abandon pharmaceutical medicines 15 years ago to regain my health naturally. I simply had no other choice! The book combines scientific research with personal experiences. I want to pass the knowledge and share the benefits, and especially give HOPE and TOOLS to everyone that is presently dealing with IBS/IBD (autoimmune disease). On top of that, it gives an example of how much one patient can save society´s funds. If only my choices have saved hundred´s of thousands, imagine what we could do in a larger scale? Living a healthy lifestyle can have a huge impact on the whole world. I spent lots of time thinking, what is the patients own role and responsibility in my sickness. The result has shocked me in a positive way.

The world needs role models, will you be one?

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How to get the book?
1. The Amazon – “link” (worldwide distribution)
2. Want to buy your own copy from the author? please write: (In Finland only)
3. You can ask from your local bookstore to order it from the wholesale distributors.
4. You can ask the libraries to add it to their selection.
5. If you are interested in a digital copy for Media purposes, please feel free to contact me.

About the author: I am an entrepreneur, who wants to make success in personal health path and share hope and tools to everyone. This is why the book has been done.

Name: Tommi Sundqvist
Mobile: +358 400160025